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Something someone said today that really got me.

"Nine to five is for supervisors— VPs stay until the problem is solved. Learn to speak, write and present better than a Hall of Fame Coach. Take risks. If you believe in yourself, bet on yourself. Failure happens to everyone. Try again. Don’t burn bridges: type that scathingly clever email blasting your idiot boss…then delete it. Be very, very grateful for the people who help you succeed, and give back when you make it.”

Hope it fans your flame like it fanned mine.

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Well, a self post for once.  Sorry it’s not a cool quote or funny photo.  I feel like writing things down is a good and healthy thing, and I need to do it more often.

I’m starting classes for graduate school two weeks from tomorrow.  It’s still something that really hasn’t sunk in yet, and I have a lot of mixed feelings about everything right now.  But even through all that, I am generally very good at identifying opportunities for growth.  This is definitely one of them.  

I think I started on a really great path in London.  I was really able to focus on myself and just throw any fear and insecurity to the wind and lo and behold, I learned more than I thought possible.  I also came home a much stronger and more confident actor, but also a much stronger and more confident person in general.  I gained back a lot of myself that I think I’d lost the previous couple years.  

I really want to continue on that path of bettering myself, not only to prepare myself for the real world upon my graduation in three years, but to enrich my life and live each day feeling great about myself and what I’m doing.  Not to mention I want to be able to further enrich the lives of the people I love so much.  I have so many great things and people surrounding me, and I could never do this without all of their love and support.  So here’s to turning a new page in my life book.  I have an incredible and generous family, the most patient and understanding of friends, the best boyfriend a girl could hope for, and myself.  Let’s do it.

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